New tracks on our myspace!!

I’m in the Mood for Love by Reflect.


We’re very excited about the tracks we’ve recorded at Manchester Midi with Winroww productions. They’re eventually going to appear on our myspace site, but in the mean time, there are some pictures on our facebook page, for your enjoyment and delight!

Reflect are proud to announce their involvement in the Rathole Radio Roadshow, 30th April, 2010.

More information to follow!! Watch this space…

Reflect are currently working on their set for Christmas 2009.
Featuring a mixture of traditional and modern, old and new, the close harmonies are ideal to entertain during your Christmas event. A subtle sound, Reflect will enhance the mood of your evening and fill your heart with Christmas cheer. Early booking advised!

The date for the upcoming charity event has been set to the 3rd July. Reflect will be performing at the Stanley Institute in Burscough to raise money for FSID, along with the ReSound Community Choir and other guests. More information on this event coming soon.