Celia comes from a musical family, her parents having been members of Blackpool Amateur Operatic Society where they performed leading roles in many stage productions.

Her first of many musical influences was Motown, when she used to sing along to all the songs. Having a love of music and singing from an early age gave Celia the incentive to learn to play various musical instruments at school. She chose to focus on the guitar after realising that with this instrument she could also use her voice and sing along.

Celia is no stranger to the stage having also been a dancer in her youth, performing in dancing competitions in Liverpool, end of year dance productions, and school productions. She entered the Southport Search for a Star competition in her late twenties gaining a worthy place in the final.

Celia 2


More recently, Celia joined a church choir which Mark was forming, and there she met Shaun. A few years later she was introduced to Sarah when she, Shaun and the rest of the choir were putting together a show for a charity evening.


Celia doesn’t have hobbies as such, being kept busy with her family, but she does also enjoy gardening and cooking, and there was a time when she enjoyed sewing, but that was before threading a needle became so difficult!


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