Sarah Profile

A qualified singer and musician, Sarah has many years experience of performing and teaching. She has been involved with singing for most of her life, ranging from school choirs performing at the Llangollen International Eisteddfod and going on to win awards such as the Liverpool Echo Choir of the Year, right through to directing and conducting adult choirs. She also plays piano.

Sarah’s involvement in Reflect came after she met Shaun at a beautiful retreat in Yorkshire. Unable to resist a chance to sing, she gate-crashed Shaun’s very informal Saturday night performance, and has been “trying to escape from him since…” though in reality she too relishes the opportunity of singing Chrismas carols in June. More recently she has contributed arrangements of her own to the group, and has taken a very active role in the ReSound Community Choir.

A talented writer, Sarah has performed her own work at poetry readings and is currently working on her first novel. She has been part of establishing a group of writers in Liverpool, and is a regular contributor to several online publications as well as writing and editing the newsletter of a local charity.

Sarah lists her hobbies as “you mean other people have time for hobbies too?!” She enjoys cooking, often having a houseful of people, and is rarely to be seen without a glass of white wine in her hand. 

When she’s not playing music, she’s usually to be found listening to it.


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