Shaun performing at the Printers Arms

Shaun performing at the Printers Arms


Shaun is a musician.


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5 Responses to “Shaun Geldart”

  1. Karen Abbott Says:

    Hi Shaune.
    I am curious to know If you are my cousin?
    If you are then you may not remember as we havent seen eachother since we were children.
    Is your mother called Gwen and your father Pat? Sisters called Donna and Angela?
    Im Karen.My mother is Angela and my siblings Lesley and Stephen.
    It will be nice to hear from you if you are the correct Shaune Geldart.

  2. Martin Green (blues guitarist) Says:

    Are you Shaun who had a friend called Scot who was a doctor?? If so we still have a couple of tapes of some very wonderful songs that you wrote, only one I can remember the title of “Learn to live instead”? Such great talent. My wife, Samah tried to get you a record deal, but it never came about. Your tape has been played to a lot of pro-musician friends who all think you are very talented. Please let us know we have the right Shaun?

  3. Shaun Says:

    Hi Martin, yes that’s me!
    I’m really glad that you got in touch!
    What are you up to these days?

    I’ll drop you a line via email!


  4. Megan Bell Says:

    Hiya Shaun, we were just wondering if you play anywhere near us as would love to come and see you again, is there any website that tell us? Megan and Danny Bell (Wiganer) 🙂

    1. Saz Says:

      Hi, I’ll drop you Shaun’s number in an email. He said fantastic, and to just give him a call and he’ll let you know where he’s playing 🙂 Leave another comment if you don’t get the email or you need any more information x

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